Physics Student Experiments Advanced Kits - U8501000 - SEK Mechanics

U8501000. measuring cylinder 3 strips. types of levers. 400 mm 1 stand rod. 110 mm 2 double clamps 1 beam balance 2 weighing pans. kinetic friction equilibrium conditions. levers and pulleys. addon weights 1 block. solid bodies beam balance determination. thirdclass levers forces. multiple pulleys forces. third class lever in the body. friction experiment 1 dynamometer 1. fixed pulley forces. Physics Student Experiments. pulleys 1 rolling pin. nonfixed pulleys forces. levers and pulleys in the body. velour paper 1 set square includes 23 experiments. 330 mm 1 coil spring. solid bodies determining. first class levers. instructor experiment manuals. first class lever. firstclass lever equilibrium conditions. Advanced Kits Physics Student Experiments. 400 mm 2 stand rods. fixed pulleys forces. Physics. third class lever. contents 2 stand rods. 1 magnetic base 1 adjustable bracket 2 sshaped hooks. leaf spring addition. hook 1 multiple pulley 1 plastic pulley. a third class lever
SEK Mechanics

Physics Student Experiments Advanced Kits - U8501000 - SEK Mechanics
Physics Student Experiments Advanced Kits - U8501000 - SEK Mechanics
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SEK Mechanics

Set of equipment for carrying out 23 student experiments in classical mechanics. Comes with comprehensive student and instructor experiment manuals and instructions. In a tough plastic tray containing a foam insert with cut-outs for the equipment and featuring a transparent lid. Experiments are set up and performed on the SEK Base Plate 1000789 (U8408035) so that they are compact but still clear in their layout and objectives.

  • 2 Stand rods with external and internal thread, 400 mm
  • 1 Stand rod with external thread, 400 mm
  • 2 Stand rods, 110 mm
  • 2 Double clamps
  • 1 Beam balance
  • 2 Weighing pans with holders
  • 1 Scale for balance
  • 1 Axle rod for pulleys
  • 1 Rolling pin with add-on weights
  • 1 Block and tackle with two pulleys and two hooks
  • 1 Block and tackle with two pulleys and one hook
  • 1 Multiple pulley
  • 1 Plastic pulley, 40 mm
  • 4 Weights, 25 g
  • 1 Weight, 50 g
  • 1 Weight, 100 g
  • 1 Magnetic base
  • 1 Adjustable bracket
  • 2 S-shaped hooks, 1 g
  • 2 S-shaped hooks, 2 g
  • 1 S-shaped hook, 5 g
  • 1 Body for friction and inertia experiments
  • 1 Set of plastic strips for friction experiment
  • 1 Dynamometer 1 N
  • 1 Dynamometer 2 N
  • 1 Leaf spring, 330 mm
  • 1 Coil spring with 2 eyelets, approx. 5.25 N/m
  • 100 m of twine
  • 2 Pointers
  • 1 Measuring cylinder
  • 1 Stand base for measuring cylinder
  • 3 Strips of velour paper
  • 1 Set square
Includes 23 Experiments on the Subject of Mechanics:
  • Hooke's law
  • Calibrating a dynamometer
  • Deformation of a leaf spring
  • Addition of forces acting along the same line
  • Resolution of a force into two components
  • Investigation of inertia
  • Types of friction
  • Laws of static and kinetic friction
  • Equilibrium conditions for a first-class lever
  • Equilibrium conditions for second and third-class levers
  • Forces, paths and work with fixed pulleys
  • Forces, paths and work with non-fixed pulleys
  • Forces, paths and work with block and tackle
  • Forces, paths and work with multiple pulleys
  • Forces on an inclined plane
  • Determining the volume of solid bodies
  • Determining the mass of solid bodies (beam balance)
  • Determination of density
  • Determining the nature of a material by measuring density
  • Specific weight and buoyancy
  • Period of a string pendulum
  • Determining gravitational acceleration with the aid of a string pendulum
  • Period of a spring oscillator

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