Peel, Play & Learn Environmental Science - PPLENV - Exploration Sets Educational Wall Decals

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Peel, Play & Learn Environmental Science

Peel, Play & Learn Environmental Science - PPLENV - Exploration Sets Educational Wall Decals
Peel, Play & Learn Environmental Science - PPLENV - Exploration Sets Educational Wall Decals
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Peel, Play & Learn Environmental Science

This PEEL, PLAY & LEARN set is 24" by 40"
These durable fabric PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can work for younger children and older children alike. Whether you are homeschooling multiple aged children or looking for something to challenge kids in the classroom, our interactive wall play sets will fit in perfectly.
Because these sets are not vinyl or coated stickers, they will not rip or tear and can be cleaned and reused for years. They don't take up any room and can be reattached to the backing, rolled up and stored for next year's lessons!
The bright and colorful, fun graphics on our PEEL, PLAY & LEARN educational sets make them perfect for visual learners. Kinesthetic learners will love touching the pieces and moving them around from place to place. Our educational PEEL, PLAY & LEARN sets can be combined with verbal instruction to satisfy auditory learners as well.
Simply peel your play set off of the backing and stick it gently to your wall in a convenient location. Make sure to flatten all areas and edges. Remove the accessories in the same way and place them onto the wall in whichever combination you wish. To store extra pieces, simply re-stick your customized wall play set on its original backing.

The educational science play set teaches the following skills:

  • Reasons for Endangered Species
  • Animal recognition
  • Population remaining in the wild
  • Plant parts
  • Steps of Photosynthesis
  • Environmental Conservation Tips
  • Difference between recycling, trash and compost with examples
  • Natural resources definitions and examples
  • Renewable resources definitions and examples
  • Non-renewable resources definitions and examples
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